This is my contest entry for Project Wolof. If I win, it means $1500 and a trip to Senegal to meet the artisan who will actually create this jacket. It would mean so much to me if you took just a moment to vote at the link listed above. The entry will be under the name Kate Sexton, along with a thumbnail of the design.

I was inspired by the work of designer Adama Amanda Ndiaye and Amary Sobel Diop. Diop’s intricate, stitched assemblage work caught my eye because he uses unconventional materials to create unique portraits of influential women. I wanted to design a garment fit for an empowered, complex woman.

Project Wolof is a new company that provides fair wages to the Wolof artisans they collaborate with. The idea of this competition is to generate a concept to be used in creating a fashion line.

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